Consignment Service

Why consign with Busybeeroom?

- If you are interested in consigning your new or gently worn designer/luxury items i.e handbags, accessories, clothing, etc, Busybeeroom / Bees Boulevard (hereinafter referred as “BB”) is here to help.

-Clean your closet & keep it updated. Why keep cash hidden in your closet? Enjoy some extra closet space & of course cash.

-BB will do all the work for you – that’s one thing to scratch off your long To-Do list.

-BB will make the connection with shoppers dying to get the items you no longer fit/use.

How it works :-

-An initial contact from you via email to gets everything started.

-The Consignment Service offered is at the discretion of BB. No assurance is given that an item accepted for sale on the website will sell at the price  proposed, at a reduced price, or at all.

-Initial Resale prices proposed are on the basis of full disclosure of the items condition, (including aroma) and accompaniments, if any.

-Email acceptance of the proposed resale price constitutes a sole marketing agreement with BB for a period of 3 months from first Listing date on the website.

-The item should be sent to BB within 7 calendar days of email acceptance, securely packed and via a trackable postal method.

-By sending an item to BB the Sender is confirming that;

  1. they are the rightful owner of the item and/or if the item is being sold on another’s behalf the Sender has the owners permission to sell as if their own

  2. the item is not stolen or under hire/ subject to any financial agreement

  3. the item may be lawfully sold to consumers without restriction

  4. the item is as-described.

-If the items condition on receipt, varies from expected, then BB reserves the right to amend the proposed resale price appropriately. If the proposed Resale price is not acceptable to the Sender then the item will be returned to the Sender by  trackable post. The cost of return postage must be borne by the Sender prior to return. BB will not be liable for any return postage costs nor costs incurred.

-In the unlikely event that an item received is deemed to be non-authentic, it will be disposed of and not returned to the Sender. It is not only against moral code but it is also a criminal offence to buy or sell counterfeit items.

-If an email response is not received from the Sender within 7 calendar days of confirmation of resale price, BB assumes acceptance of contract and will proceed to market the item on the website as per agreement.

-BB will retain exclusive marketing rights for 3 months from first listing date on the website. The Sender may not request the return of the item during this period.

-If the item has not sold within 3 months of first listing date, then BB may suggest a price reduction or alternative marketing approach. The Sender has the right to refuse a price reduction for a period of 3 months from this date or request the item be returned. If the price is maintained for a subsequent 3 months, (6 months from first listing date) and a sale is not achieved, a mandatory price reduction will be required or the item may be returned at the request of the Sender.

-The Sender will be notified as to a successful sale within 12 hours period  and cheques will be issued and posted OR funds transferred to their nominated bank account within 3 working days.

Items that sell for :

-Under RM 300.00 the sender will get 60% of the selling price and PAY NO OTHER FEES!

-Between RM 301.00 - RM 1000.00 the sender will get 70% of the selling price and PAY NO OTHER FEES!

-Above RM 1000.00, the sender will get 75% of the selling price and PAY NO OTHER FEES

-Whilst the item remains the property of the Sender until the Buyer accepts ownership, any photographic images or text created by BB in relation to the item, remains the sole property of BB and cannot be assigned, reproduced or recreated for any commercial purpose.

Thank you!

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