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Welcome! And cheers for stopping by. My name is Zura and am lovingly married to Big Bee, from childhood sweetheart into adulthood partner. He's smart, funny, & kind (unless Johnny Depp asks me out on a date, he'd understand i have to go for it..:-P). Together we are blessed to be the mommy & daddy of 2 lil' bees - Adian & Aaron.

I was once involved in legal practice for 8 years, now a freelancer, blogger (and of course mommy to two precious treasures!!). And although I only make a small fraction of what I used to make as a lawyer, I am happy watching my kids grow up right in front of my eyes, that's absolutely worth it!!

I created this blog back in 2008 when my family & i resided in Edinburgh, UK and we just recently moved back to Kuala Lumpur. My blog originally begins as my personal blog so i write everything i feel like - fashion, food, places & life's paraphernalia. Although i write for love but sometimes getting wee bit o' money along the way works too..:). In other words i share about things i have purchased or would want to purchase (that i personally love & like them) and if by any chance you like my items listed you can shop from me here. Although I don’t really regard my blogging as a business, I have officially registered this so-called online business with CCM under Absolute Sense and Sensibility Resources (002156529-V).
Almost 85% of my items are purchased from the UK (ol' habit dies hard) and another 15% are from EU, US and others. This site may be your one stop place for personal shopping but i won’t necessarily label my blog purely as a shopping blog.

Unfortunately though.....its only me.......no staff, models, postage clerks or help of any kind, which has both its up-sides and its down-sides! One of the up-sides is I can keep my costs/price low and list my items on at a very reasonable price.  One of the down sides is that sometimes my stock may take a while to be listed (as I do like to take time off to spend with my family,) so I hope you keep checking back to see whats come in. 

Thank you & hope to see you soon.... 


News & Updates ( as of 28th July, 2014)

With a lot of encouragement from family members and close friends, I finally decided after much thought to continue my legal practice again. And just a couple of months ago, I opened my own law firm – Mizuraini & Co

No matter what, I will keep striving to continue my commitment to my dearest Blog – Busybeeroom.

Whilst Mizuraini & Co is my profession, Busybeeroom is my passion.

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