Hia…Busyberoom is back!!!!!! Thank you for all the emails and orders…J!!! I will be putting more stuffs on my blog soon. Harap banyak bersabar ya..:)!!

Please take note that all the items posted in my blog before July, 2009 may result in an increase of price & postage costs. Tak laratla…as in a couple of months, UK pound climbs high & high against Malaysia Ringgit …jangan risau tapi, kenaikan harga hanya akan bermula pada 30-07-09. Buat masa sekarang, you can order any items at the current price & postage..:(
Well, i have another way to save your postage fees which is via Cargo, however it will take a month to reach you and you may need to collect it directly from my representatives in Subang. I will update you on this new method of shipping soon as i need to get more information on this.
Ok, will update my blog soon. See ya!!!

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