SUMMER BREAK - 16-06-2009

Hello All..Busybeeroom would like to thank you for your incredible support to Busybeeroom Blog. Your stunning outpouring visits & orders has given Busybeeroom the impetus to keep on keeping on…Thank You..:)!!

Im writing to let you know that Busybeeroom will take a break for 2 weeks from 17-06-09 till 30-06-09. I will be away from home for a Summer Break and whilst on vacation, will try to look out for any channels that can link to Busybeeroom to get a bit cheaper stuffs than retail price..:)! God willing Busybeeroom will be back with more new & exciting items soon.

For those who wish to make an order, please do so by emailing to me but please don’t bank in the money yet until you receive my reply. For those who already made a booking payment, worries not, your items are all safe & sound..:)!

Just to let you know guys, I am not only selling stuffs that I put on my blog, you may visit whatever website that you wish me to order i.e. LV, Gucci, Prada, YSL, Moschino, Vivienne Westwood and many more in which I can order on your behalf ..but please multiply the price by 6.2 ( the current exchange rate has increased to 5.8 as at today’s date)..Why Malaysia?? Why??? Najib..please do something!!!

I have recently visited loads of blogs/websites from Malaysia selling some designer items from abroad with a price loads cheaper than retail (they said they have brothers/sisters/cousins/friends in US or UK or Europe)… im a bit skeptical on this, just to warn you guys, if you ever want to buy items from them, please ask for a copy of the receipt from the store (just to let you know, even receipt can be copied, the fakers do a better job duplicating the tags & receipts than they do with the bags! ), serial number for the bags, warranty cards, etc.. and please ask from them will you get your money back if the item is proven not genuine as the last thing that you can do to prove whether it is counterfeit or not by bringing your bag/watch/shoes/accessories to the Brand Boutique in Malaysia (if Malaysia do not have the boutiques, very very sorrylaaa). Selling counterfeit items is against Trading and Copyright Law..well lawyers out there ( 50% of Busybeeroom’s customers are lawyers..:))..would you like to take cases from those who mistakenly bought counterfeit items…J???

Please take note that if someone is selling Louis Vuitton cheaper than the price from their website, just ignore it as LV does not has sales season..they just don’t do it…ever!!! There are no end of the year sales, x’mas sales. Period. They have no reject items or overstock items..they will simply destroy it rather than put it at a cheaper price. They have no outlet stores price too or even last year’s models as all their models are evergreen. That is why they can keep their brand’s value at a prestigious level. Another brand is Birkin bag made by Hermes (Victoria Beckham’s fav) is almost impossible to buy from Hermes as they only open their waiting list for the bags twice a year for four hours..:)!!!!

Well this is only my 5 pence advice…will see you guys again with more news and items a fortnight today..!!!

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