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Morning guys. Yes, its Monday again. But don’t worry. I have something wonderfully delicious to share with you, that is sure to brighten up your day.

Ever since I returned back to Malaysia in 2013, i hardly shop at local Malls except for staples and everyday things, of course. I found out that a lot of my favorite stuff i.e clothes, handbags, shoes, designer brands, etc. are quite pricey in Malaysia, what more with the current GST implementation by our dear Government and to our rapidly falling Ringgit (“sigh”). With the current economic downfall, I believe we have to shop smart, save smart & live smart.

I am blessed to have relatives and friends staying in every corner of the world (especially those in the UK & US) can help me to buy things at much reasonable price.
Not only that I shop for myself, I also extend my shopping passion to relatives & close friends and since I have been receiving a lot of queries from customers seeking help to purchase especially from United States, this has inspired me to start up a service to help others to buy from there.

Now with Busybeeroom US Shopping (B.U.S) we can buy for you from almost any online site that ships to the United States for an awesome price! However for a starter, we start with  few selected stores as mentioned here. We hope to widen our list of stores in due course and in fact we might add a new feature i.e go to the store in person to purchase your item.

Click here to learn more on how it works, service charges, etc.

Do remember that we have put many considerations into this project in order to make this process as simple and as cheap as possible for our customers. If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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