MiZu Coll. (31-08-2014)

Dear my valued customers and/or readers,
Thank you for your patience for still following my Blog despite my irregular updates …” row, row, row your Blog, gently……..”:-) This is due everyday life and social responsibilities i.e families, legal practice, research & marketing and at the same time work hard to sustain Busybeeroom and also BeesBoulevard. Anyway, I bring some news/updates to share with you guys..:)

MiZu Coll. 
Busybeeroom is in the process of introducing new line/label known as MiZu Coll. Under this label, the idea is to introduce garments/clothing from various American, British and European designers that you may or may not heard of - Tahari, Michael Kors, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Bob Mackie, DVF, Liz Claiborne Inc (now known as Kate Spade & Company), Ann Taylor etc  - just to name a few. 

In addition, this label also introduce clothing from retails; British High Streets Stores & American Upscale and Mid-Range Stores i.e Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Barneys, JC Penneys, Marks & Spencer, Selfridges, etc. In short, MiZu Coll. concentrates on casual and work wear for a start, and in near future, this will include other categories depending on sale, demand and/or even requests from you.

The prices for these clothing are comparatively cheap as compared to Malaysian Retail Price. I will try to provide price at around 80% less from the Malaysian retail price. Having said this, these prices vary from garments from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and other far-east countries. MiZu Coll. in essence, is an online clothing from Designers and also High Street/Upscale and Mid-Range Stores that you can buy for Less! I assure you that the quality and design is superb and you will enjoy your item. However, the quantity of these clothing is limited due to stock availability. 

Return Policy. 
Apart from this news, Busybeeroom is also announcing that as of today, a return policy for full refund or exchange to her customers is offered under the label MiZu Coll. Please read the Return Policy here.

Since the new collection is on the way, I am in the midst of clearing my current items. Please click the label – Clearance to get further discounts where most items are marked below Cost Price.

Busybeeroom also offers ‘dropshipping’ service to re-sellers all over Malaysia. Please email me for further details and infos.

For those requesting me to send emails for any new stock, I apologize beforehand as my work now has entered developmental phase and full time commitment to provide best service. However, I’d advise you to “Like” my Busybeeroom Facebook Page so that you can get automatic updates on new items. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Busybeeroom newsletter or even through Busybeeroom Instagram. Easy peezy, right?

Last but not least, Busybeeroom wishes to all fellow Malaysians “Happy Merdeka Day”. We will survive against all odds and united we shall stand.

Happy Birthday Malaya !!

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