Hello All,
My apologize for the infrequent updates on my Blogs i.e Busybeeroom & Bees’Boulevard. There has been some major changes in my daily routine and it is completely unrelated to handbags, shirts, etc and I would like to share this with you..:)

I want let you guys know that, just a few months ago I put out my shingle and opened my own law firm, Mizuraini & Co.

Anyway, I assure you , my readers and/or customers,  that I will not abandon my Blogs, I shall updates these two Blogs on regular basis and will keep them active (from time to time).

Soon, I am launching a new blog or maybe a website (god willing), as a platform to write and to discuss about current legal issues happening locally and also internationally (and of course, this takes time).

So, while Mizuraini & Co is my profession,  Busybeeroom and Bees’Boulevard are my passion.

It goes without saying, but if you need a lawyer in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or any places nearby, I would be delighted to help out fellow readers and/or customers..:-)

Disclaimer: This post probably constitutes advocate & solicitor advertising pursuant to the Bar Council Rules and Regulations, with the exception that all other content on this blog exists for the sole purpose of selling stuff i.e handbags, shirts, etc, and not for the purpose of retaining clients for legal matters.

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