Beesboulevard! from Wordpress to Blogspot....

Hiya guys,

Apologies for not updating Beesboulevard that frequent nowadays. I want to let you know that my site has recently moved from to

It is funny though, because as soon as I thought I had done my site the way I wanted it to be, it never came out as the way how I imagined it to be. True, has many beautiful templates but it lacks 'personal' customization. To a certain level of usage, you have to pay an annual fee to allow little more flexibility in colors, fonts, CSS etc

I originally used hosting because of many people recommended it. Get a free site and see whether blogging was going to fun, easy and intuitive. And as a hobby blogger, I don't really want to fork out money for annual fee and such.

Some people might think this as a regression - but on the contrary, I think it depends on how familiar you are working on a certain tool. Call me 'old school' but as long as you guys can see my posts and items, that matters the most, ain't it?

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