Adian's 6th B-day (re-blog Bees' Boulevard)

The 04/05/2013 was Adian’s  6th birthday. To celebrate, we threw him a small birthday celebration featuring Adian’s and lil’ Aaron’s current obsession – Transformers as the birthday theme.  Initially we wanted a clown or magician during his party (as a surprise show) however the party planner advised and recalled from his experience that some kids did get a scare from of these two figures. And true enough, Adian begged me not to bring any of them….phew!!! RM 550.00 secured….:-P!!
Here, are some photos below if you’d like to see…
Adian’s Birthday Invites

Some people said the rule of thumb for the kid’s birthday party is that the number of guests should be the same as the child’s age..i.e you’d invite one friend to your child’s first birthday and two friends to your child’s second birthday and three friends to your child’s third birthday. It’s a handy formula, don’t u think? And since Adian is six, the number of guests should be six too, however we totally ignored this rule and invited nearly fifty close relatives, neighbors and friends and thirty replied thru RSVP and the rest were not in town due to polling the next day  …….
Adian was however a lil’ bit grumpy that day, maybe because his play room was in a big mess due to too many children playing with his toys…
Not all kids are in the picture, some arrived late due to heavy pour..
This was Adian’s Autobot birthday cake and the weight I think is more than 3kg. Thank you so much to my old friend, Raiha, a legal eagle cum part time baker for this awesome design. Will add a link to her baking blog once her blog is up and running..:). Adian and Aaron really love this Rainbow Cake, awesome design + yummy taste..:).
Rainbow cake with Autobot design…

All in all, it was a wonderful party. Thank you to everyone who came and brought awesome pressies that were mostly ‘more than meets the eyes’.…..:).  We felt so happy to have so many lovely people in our lives, and willing to spend lil’ bit of time for Adian that day…..:).

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