wee Aaron in bat costume..!!
My eldest Adian persistently asked me if there is any All- Hallows Eve (Halloween) celebration in Malaysia & one of my nieces told me that TGI Friday's (all outlets) do celebrate this popular cultural celebration which is typically relegated to children. Although there is no trick-or-treating from house to house, having dinner at the place where people do celebrate is good enough for him right now.
Unfortunately i did not prepare a new costume for him this year and so he has no choice but to wear last year's skeleton costume and becoming Jack Skelington ( The Nightmare Before Christmas) all over again. Ironically, despite wearing the same costume, he was announced the winner for best costume (kids category) at TGI Friday's Subang Parade and brought back RM 150.00 food voucher. Cool, eh...:)
Perhaps it was that costume that made him different than the others - the make-up on his face was done impromptu by his dad and me...!!!

Halloween. Sly does it. Tiptoe catspaws. Slide and creep. But why? What for? How? Who? When! Where did it all begin? “You don’t know, do you?” asks Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud climbing out of the pile of leaves under the Halloween Tree. “You don’t really know!”   —Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree

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