Hiya all...apologies for not updating my blog for awhile. The current weather here since last week has been so nice - seems like Summer even though it is Spring still, and would be such shame staying at home looking at computer screen. Me & family was out of town few days back, and oh yes, we had such lovely time. But i am now resuming with my Blog activity..:), hope i can post more lovely fashion statements soon (fingers crossed). 
Even though the current weather is bright and sunny, the irony is that, finding brand new designer handbags is rather gloomy as tourists suddenly appear everywhere you go and buy almost everything (that literally moves) they could get their hands on here ..:(. 
Nevertheless i will do my best to accommodate with your requests ( i have been receiving many emails asking me to re-stock some of the handbags) and also, i am teaming up with a close friend of mine here, a local who has similar interest on the designerly things so hopefully we can work something out (soon)..:).

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