Happy Halloween Weekend everyone...!!!

Halloween is coming up...lil' Adian will dress as skeleton for his school halloween party, he was a pumpkin last year & lil' Aaron is gonna be Red Devil (at home only)..:). And in case neighbour's kids are out for treat OR trick, i have made myself ready with Halloween candies..:)!!!

Not in relation to Halloween whatsoever, i think i just needed to share my thoughts on the world's most disturbing news at the moment, Col. Gaddafi's gruesome death - i think everybody will agree with me that the manner he was killed & his body was handled was disgraceful & uncivilised.
Me & my dearest hubby never stop discussing about him since the media (both TV & newspapers) keep pulling in & pushing out news & updates on Libya. It's not often that we are disturbed by world news but this event does not sit well with us at all.
Our question is "was there no good Gaddafi did for him to die the way he did"?
No matter what he did, one should not grudge him a proper burial which is the right of every human being & major world religions ( Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism & Hinduism) accept that the physical body of a deceased should be handled with dignity & utmost care.
Thank goodness the shameful & awful spectacle of his corpse on public display is now over & Col.Gaddafi has now been buried.
In the word of "Macbeth" what's done cant be undone.
Col. Gaddafi's account on earth is now closed & he will answer to his Creator for his deeds on earth - may his soul rest in peace.

I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy
– ( Martin Luther King Jnr)

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