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CODE : C/MB/02
THE ALEXA MULBERRY ("over sized") in Oak....yessss, it needs no introduction, really. I'm pretty sure loads of ladies have heard of it bits & pieces..:). The Alexa was conceived in tribute to Alexa Chung, British broad caster, model & fashion icon. This bag is in hot pursuit among celebrities & socialites ( i can only posted a few pics of celebrities spotted carrying it...:).
I have my heart set for this bag since last year but due to long waiting list, only now i am able to put it in the crook of my arms alas the price has increased dramatically from GBP 7++ to GBP 9++ (for oversized) oh my, never mind money, things of that nature are arbitrary when it comes to true love..:). Honestly, this the first time i really feel the bag is ME, i love this bag soooooooooo much. I adore everything about Alexa, the leather (soft buffalo), the hardware, the buckle and braided handle detailing. It has very unique style will make it a casual carry- all to work or just about anytime, anywhere..:). Easily thrown around the shoulder or held in the crook of the arm, cant get any better than that, eh.
This is the timeless "It" bag. As all Mulberry bags ( this is not my first Mulberry), they age & do well over time. For this Alexa, even it is in trend for now, i think it will always be a vintage that if well taken care of, i surely can pass it to my daughter ( only if i have one..:)).

So Ladies, for your info, i have with me two (2) oversized Alexa, one for myself and another one for my Blog, whoawhoawhoa, i'm not insane to keep 2 Alexas in my wardrobe, i just simply bought it before it is sold out or price increases again, well if let say no one is interested in buying it, i can always return it back to Mulberry Shop for a refund or maybe exchange with another "Tillie"..:). Technically speaking, i have only 28 DAYS to return this back so if you want this bag, hurry up and i will always accept instalments.
However i can always make a pre-order for you even though the 28 days period has lapsed but Pre-Order terms & conditions will apply. This 28 days period will end on 03-10-2011.
This bag includes the Mulberry dustbag, all care/authenticity cards as shown. Unfortunately, i am not able to include the store paper bag , to be honest, the paper bag is stiff & it wont fit into the packaging that i normally use to post handbags but if you still want it, i need to fold it into 4-5 times & that doesn't make any sense, does it? You can still have Mulberry bird, though, if you want (as shown in second pic)- Mulberry theme for this year - Fantastic Mr Fox -brings together fashion & wildlife!!

Price : RM 4550.00 @ USD 1570.00 (inclusive postage via Air Mail) & after 28 days (03-10-2011), pre-order Terms & Conditions & new price will apply.


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