My apologies for not updating my blog as regularly as i usually do. My family and I are in the midst of moving into a new place in a week's time. I am happy, excited and anxious about the move. The place has so many pluses and advantages..:). Our new home is still within the same catchment area but since my family is growing (literally!), we thought it is about time that we get a place that is best suited for two growing kids:). And like everyone else moving to a new home, there is that dreaded process of getting prepared to move... i hate to pack, however, at least half of our things are now in boxes ready to go...."sigh"!!

15/05/2011 is our official moving day & honestly, i cannot wait to start living in our new place. I know it takes some time to re-adjust the feeling of getting 'homey' but i hope that a new environment can help me churn out more ideas & inspirations for my blog..:).Fingers crossed.

To those who have made payment for pre-order, worry you not, your items are safe with me & i will email you the photos first before wrapping up & posting them out.

Surely, i will still update my blog but not that often perhaps (at least for the next couple of weeks) until we are really really feel comfortable with our new home..:).

Have a great weekend ahead!!


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