SALE....SALE..SALE....!!!!!! (01-12-2009 - 20-01-2010)

Hello All……Want to know my favourite “FOUR”-letter word??? Ooooo..dont get me wrong, eh..:). Well apart from the “shoe”, it has to be “SALE”!!!!! Busybeeroom proudly announce its first ever “SALE”!!!! Please click the button “SALE SALE SALE” on your left side and it will bring you to all items which are currently on Sale. However please take note that the “SALE” is not forever, it will end on 20.01.2010. I hope you lots will grab this opportunity wisely!!

Now you might have noticed, dear friends/customers/followers, that at Busyberoom I’m a teensy bit obsessed with certain designer brands. I have received mails requesting me to put some other stuffs not only designer thingy but also some shirts for Collectors i.e Hard Rock Café & Planet Hollywood, etc, etc. Well since I travel a lot & so do me good buddies, I will try to accommodate to this request..:)!!

Winter Break..Winter Break..Winter Break…again, im going off for another break…looking for the “SUN” to shine on me..:)!!! Yeah..i will not be around from 01-12-2009 until 13-12-2009. Rest assured, I will be back soon with more thrilling stuffs!! As usual, depending on the hotel Wi-Fi connection, I will try to answer to all your queries ASAP..:)!!

Ok everybody…Happy Shopping!!!!

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