HAPPY AUTUMN / FALL - 27-10-2009

Hiya Everybody…..hope you lots enjoyed the festive period (Aidilfitri & Diwali) with your loved ones and you are doing mighty fine and that life is sweet and good upon you…:) Here, Autumn leaves start to fall and Busybeeroom is in a great Fall mood too..:(. There is something sad about the arrival of Autumn. It signifies the end of Summer and the rapid approach of the dark, cold, long months of Winter (“sigh”).

As my mood does change when the seasons changed..Busybeeroom will take a short break for a while from 28/10/2009 until 08/11/2009. Begging your pardon but I really need to go somewhere to boost up my energy level in Autumn and fore coming killer Winter…:(. No worries though, I will try my level best to answer to any queries ASAP depending on the hotel’s Wi-Fi connection where I’m gonna stay.

“Gosh”.. I don’t even know what to write now or maybe I am succumbing to Fall..!! By the by, saya berharap anda semua akan keep on logging in to Busybeeroom Blog dan sepastinyer saya akan balik (I will definitely be back with more exciting stuffs with reasonable price) dengan bermacam-macam dan berbagai-bagai stuffs. So please keep on logging in to Busybeeroom, aye. See you later!!! Remember…Busybeeroom will be back soon!!!


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