SUNGLASSES BY dVb (David Victoria Beckham)

(miley cyrus and vic beckham in dVb 6)

CODE : A/dVb/01
The above style : dVb 6 - 6/1 Frame : Black

Description : dVb 6 is 50s inspired oversized glamor, an ideology for any vintage fashion fan.This timeless style sophistication, elegance and that oh-so-important air of anonymity. I love the the frames, especially the flirty brow-level shaping: it is soo Victoria & Jackie O! If you want a pair of sunglasses that will make you look slim and gorgeous, this is just the right pair for you! …So check out these gorgeous sunnies for serious 'Ms Beckham Chic'

A lil' bit of dVb Sunglasses Collection ( as per their advertisement)
The Victoria Beckham collection is a true reflection of the superstars character and personality. Behind each and every pair there has been an immense amount of thought and consideration. From the selection of the colourways and lenses, to ensuring the curve of the frame is precisely correct, no detail has passed unobserved. All of the dvb collection has been inspired by vintage frames and sunglasses worn by icons from the movie and fashion world of the 60s, 70s and 80s. To Victoria Beckham, sunglasses are such an important accessory - yes their main purpose is practical, but by no means should that prevent you from taking pride in your eyewear and looking and feeling like an A-List celebrity!
All DVB frames are accompanied with an authentic case and cleaning cloth.

Price : RM - (inclusive postage via Air Mail) -OLD PRICE
CURRENT PRICE - RM - (inclusive postage via Air Mail)
* please take note if you do not like the above style (dVb 6) , kindly email what is your style preference from dVb sunglasses range- just google dVb sunglasses OR you can click: , i will make a special order for you (if the style requested is available in the UK)

NOTE : dVb 6/1 (as above) - 2 sold

dVb 6/2 (choc brown) - 1 sold

dVb 11/5 (havana) - 1 sold


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  1. Hi, do you have dvb as shown on the first top photo? I'm not sure what the type is..

    How much is the price and is it original or copy?
    Thank you for your prompt response.