CODE : F/RA/02

Description : Mint condition and unused 1st Quality Royal Albert 2 tier cake stand. (Note : to determine whether it is 1st or 2nd quality product - 2nd quality has a scratch or mark next to backstamp). The year 1962 backstamp is associated with the Old Country Roses designed by Harold Holdcroft in 1962. Also take note that this beauty is Made in England. For those who maybe unaware of this production, in 2002 Royal Doulton ceased Royal Albert production in England and move it to far east i.e. Indonesia & China (some backstamps actually say which country they were made in, besides England) This move has not been well received by some collectors as they see Royal Albert as English, therefore the value of old Royal Albert production- "Made in England" (provided in excellent & mint condition) is higher than the new/current Royal Albert production "Made in Indonesia" or "Made in China".

Price : RM - (inclusive postage & handling cost)

*If you are interested in this beauty and also the old country roses cake server (Code Number : F/RA/01), the total price for these two (2) items will be - RM - (inclusive postage & handling costs)

( SOLD!!!!)

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