NEWS AS AT 11-05-2009

Hello All....
Just to inform you guys as at 11-05-09, I have increased a wee bit of the Postage & Handling Cost. Bukan apa...manyakkk rugi la sekarang, tiap2 kali post to Malaysia..i have to top up my own money..("sigh!!"). My mistake as I always weighed the item per se ( i dont take into account the Envelope or the Mailing Box weigh). Worries not, though, i marked up tak banyak..sikit jer! To those who already made their orders before 11-05-09 ( and i yet to post their items), this new postage & handling costs will not affect your order total cost..:)!! Please take note that i have marked up the Postage & Handling cost only, not the Price of the item. Again, Happy Screenshopping!!

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